Mindfulness is the choice to feel, experience, and think from a place of focused intention.

Synchronicity is not about orchestration – it’s about allowance of manifestation.

Miss Bigwords Fancypants

Hello, Miss Bigwords Fancypants here. Perhaps you’ve been wondering how I earned this particular nickname.

One day, a few years ago, some random guy posted a link on my Facebook Fan Page. I almost deleted it for looking like spam, but the url seemed legit because it was all about inspirational images. I reasoned that this dude must be spreading some warm fuzzy love and I might find something wonderful to share with my tribe.

I smiled when I realized the entire post was an open mockery of the “unicorns and rainbows” mentality; the author of the post had taken 27 inspirational memes and revised them for honesty. I giggled out loud as I went through the list.

Imagine my surprise, when I arrived at number one on this list and what did I see? One of MY quotes! Not just a meme I had created, or a random share from my blog… but an actual quote of something I had written:

“Synchronicity is not about orchestration – it’s about allowance of manifestation.” ~Miss Bigwords Fancypants

Is Janet Louise Stephenson really Miss Bigwords Fancypants?

My initial reaction was mixed – On one hand, I felt amused that some guy out there on the internet had found something that little old me had written and that seemed to be confirmation that in my own little way, I can make a difference.

On the other hand, I couldn’t stop laughing! I mean… that’s pretty funny – and it’s alright by me if you want to start calling me by my new title, “Miss Bigwords Fancypants” now.

Unless we are in an argument.

And then I will consider it an act of emotional terrorism.

One more thing

In the silliness of it all, which I absolutely adore, I’d like to remind you that my original statement kicks ass at giving you something to think about. The whole point is that you cannot control how synchronicity plays out in your life.


Miss Bigwords Fancypants